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Hi! My name is Maeve and I am so excited to be the leader of Curvy Girls in Shreveport, Louisiana! Curvy Girls changed my life by helping me feel confident and supported in my scoliosis journey, and I want to help other girls feel the same way.

I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis when I was in sixth grade. Since my curve was small, the doctor said to just keep an eye on it, but after having severe pain we found that the curve had worsened to about 35 degrees. Fortunately, we were in Germany at that time (because my dad is in the military) and the Germans make a very effective brace called the Cheneau. I wore that brace 23 hours a day for all of seventh grade and half of eighth grade.

Shortly after we moved to Shreveport, I had an appointment at Shriners and found that the brace had stabilized my curve at about 25 degrees. I stopped wearing the brace and started Schroth physical therapy which I still do to help with the pain!

I’m now a junior in high school and love reading and traveling. I’ve been a competitive Irish dancer throughout my scoliosis journey to stay strong and do what I love!

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