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 Scoliosis Support Groups

Founded by Leah Stoltz, 2006 - International 2011
Curvy Girls members at convention

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Looking to Join a Group?

Curvy Girls encourages in-person community for peer support amongst girls who have been diagnosed with scoliosis. Please find a group in the closest proximity to your location and reach out to that leader to learn how you can join and participate in monthly meetings. Virtual attendance is a potential option, should circumstances make it necessary. 


If you are 2hrs or more from an established group, you may contact us to explore the possibility of forming a CG group in your area. Note that new groups will not be considered within a 90-minute geographical distance from an existing group. 


Curvy Girls Support One Another!


Parents, as Curvy Girls support groups are a peer-led initiative, we encourage your daughter to personally contact her local group leader, in order to achieve a level of comfort and sense of independence within the CG community.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supporting member of Curvy Girls!
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