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New York

Long Island


Hi! My name is Charlotte. I live on Long Island with my family. Some activities I love doing are running my cookie business, hanging out with my friends and family, working at my local bakery, and practicing gymnastics. I was first diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 9 years old at my yearly checkup with my pediatrician. After my diagnosis, I started going to check ups every 6 months with a specialist to monitor my curves. Eventually my curves progressed to the point of needing a back brace. I got my first Rigo Cheneau brace in January of 2021. I have now been bracing for about a year and half. So far I have had three braces. I recently learned the Schroth Method and do exercises regularly at home. Fortunately, since I’ve been bracing my curves have decreased. I started coming to Curvy Girls after having my brace for over a year. I guess I didn’t feel ready to come before that. I truly wish I had joined sooner. Curvy Girls has since given me an immense amount of support and confidence. Wearing a brace comes with many emotional and physical struggles. Having girls to relate with and share struggles with has had a big impact on my journey. I am very excited to be the Long Island leader. I believe I will be able to help many girls just as others have helped me.

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