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Convention Fundraising

We know attending convention can be a large expense. That is why we encourage all Curvy Girls to fundraise in their community to help offset the costs. 
Fundraising Options
  • Fundraise on your own—monies that individual girls raise (not through CG) belong to that individual (e.g., Facebk Go Fund Me, check made out to your name). These do not belong to CG.


  • Fundraise through Curvy Girls--- monies raised through CG are tax deductible and, therefore, belong to CG (e.g., checks made out to CurvyGirls; donations made at These funds will be designated for your group expenses, minus any fees incurred, and do NOT belong to the individual who raised the money.


3 Simple Steps to Fundraise through Curvy Girls 
  1. Share attached Fundraising Sponsorship Flyer with:

    • Medical team (PT, doctor, orthotist)

    • Local businesses and service organizations (Rotary, Elks Club)

    • Employers—parents/relatives may wish to inquire at their work about matching-funds donation program. If not, employers may still wish to make a donation.

  2. Post on your personal social media with CG website DONATE button .

  3. Create your own email or personalize the sample email below. (Make sure to change highlighted words.) Consider including photo of you in your CG t-shirt and brace or your X-rays to help people better visualize and understand scoliosis.


SAMPLE EMAIL for you and your parents:

Dear Family and Friends, 


As many of you know, I have Scoliosis-- a lateral bending and curving of my spine that requires a back brace or spine surgery to stop our spines from curving. (personalize with 1-2 sentences about you). I (am part of / started) a local Curvy Girls’ Scoliosis Support chapter because I  (personalize--- felt alone, wanted to help others, wanted to connect with other girls going through the same thing). (Include how this helps you or a sentence about what the group means to you)


Curvy Girls is a worldwide teen-led support network started by a teen in 2006. Now located in 36 states and 21 countries, monthly support group meetings helps us deal with the challenges of scoliosis. While our medical providers help us with the physical aspects of Scoliosis, Curvy Girls is our emotional brace.  


After 2 pandemic cancelations, this coming summer I hope to attend the 5th Curvy Girls Scoliosis Leadership & Empowerment Convention, where I will be surrounded by girls from around the world dealing with Scoliosis, while parents learn about the latest in medical treatments. If you can support my efforts, please visit, where you can also learn more about us. When donating, make sure to enter my name and group name so that your donation goes directly to our group!  100% of your donation is tax deductible and will be credited to our group. Any amount is much appreciated.

Thank you for your support!  

YOUR NAME, Curvy Girls of ______________    click here and watch our Convention video

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