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Local Teen Starts Bozeman Curvy Girls Group

Layla of Belgrade is 11, soon to be 12, and dealing with the challenges of Scoliosis—a curvature of the spine.

OC Teen Makes Big Change

South Orange County student Brooke Walker is preparing to make a big difference for girls that struggle with scoliosis.

11-Year-Old Starts Scoliosis Support Group

Bozeman Curvy Girls chapter supports girls with scoliosis

Curvy Girls Bozeman Chapter

Physical therapist explains problems with scoliosis diagnosis

You're not alone: Curvy Girls organization provides community

Curvy Girls Bozeman, started by 11-year-old Layla Weiss, encourages those impacted by scoliosis to find community and support.

Bozeman Girl Builds Leadership Skills

Layla Weiss, a Bozeman girl who was diagnosed with scoliosis almost four years ago, is working to become an advocate for others with the disease.

How Awareness Helps Find Treatment

Communities like Curvy Girls International didn't exist decades ago, but now offer peer support for those with scoliosis.

Denver Teen Gets New Surgery

A local Dever 14-year-old is using her journey with scoliosis and a new emerging surgery to help support others.

'I know that I'm not alone': Local girl starts scoliosis support group

"I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 8 years old."

A Smithtown mom and daughter create a global support network for girls with scoliosis

‘We help girls become leaders, to use their voice and take charge of their course of care while helping others.’

11-year-old launches scoliosis support group, Curvy Girls Bozeman

Curvy Girls Bozeman-- Started by 11- year- old Layla Weiss, encourages those impacted by scoliosis to find community and support.

Bozeman girl looks to become advocate for others with scoliosis

NBC TV  BOZEMAN, Mont. — Layla Weiss, 11, is like any other kid you might see. Full of energy, active and enjoys a variety of hobbies. Her life changed when she was diagnosed with scoliosis three and a half years ago.

New Book on Scoliosis Provides Support and Treatment Information for Patients and Their Families

FAIRFAX, Va. and BALTIMORE /PRNewswire/ -- Curvy Girls is publishing a new book titled Straight Talk Scoliosis - The Journey Continues by Theresa Mulvaney and Robin Stoltz, LCSW. 

Shreveport teen starts Curvy Girls support group for youth diagnosed with scoliosis

KTBS3 ABC  SHREVEPORT, La. Local teen Maeve Chmieleski started a support group for girls in Shreveport dealing with scoliosis.

Teen group raises awareness for scoliosis

11 Alive showcases Curvy Girls of Atlanta's new Leader, Elizabeth.

People's Choice Award : Girlfriend 25 and under

Curvy Girls of Sydney, Bethany, nominated to 25 and under. We opened up the floor to you guys to nominate the amazing women in your lives, and you definitely came through!

Texas Inspiring Teens

Ryleigh Rodgers has been inspiring her peers for many years with her charismatic personality and her natural ability to lead.

Curvy Girls by Isabella Morden-Wheeldon

Curvy Girls is a global network of peer-led support groups for girls up to age 18 suffering from scoliosis. For those unfamiliar with the condition, scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine that tends to occur in girls during adolescence.

Fond du Lac girl starts first 'Curvy Girls' chapter in the state for girls with scoliosis

The first time Annabelle Seel strapped herself into the brace she was told she must wear, it felt awkward and unnatural.

June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month

Its goal is highlighting the growing need for education, early detection and awareness to the public about scoliosis and its prevalence within the community.

"It's going to make you stronger" Asheville teen mentors others with scoliosis

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — 16-year-old Annika Stewart says she once felt isolated, even among friends and family.

Local Teen Starts First Curvy Girls Scoliosis Support Group in Southwest Wyoming

Emily was 11-years-old and dealing with the challenges of having scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, so she contacted the founder of the International Curvy Girls Scoliosis Support Groups to start a chapter in her town.

Curvy Girls supports girls with Scoliosis

Addison Nejes found out she had scoliosis when her parents saw a note in her medical file — months after the school nurse wrote it.

13-Year-Old Olympia Girl Starts Curvy Girls Scoliosis Support Group

Beatrice Wilhelm, who goes by Bea, doesn’t quite remember when she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

We've Got Your Back: Girls Making a Difference

Anya Troyer is a Champaign-Urbana 10th-grader who has scoliosis, the lateral bending and curving of the spine that if left untreated can significantly impact internal organs. She is a co-leader of the Central Illinois chapter of Curvy Girls, which has more than 100 support groups for girls with scoliosis around the world.

From Back Braces to Surgery, Teen Advocates for Girls with Scoliosis

Anna Browning was only 6 years old when she learned she had scoliosis. A chest X-ray to diagnose breathing trouble after a brief illness revealed a slight curve in her spine.

2021-22 Shriners Hospital Patient Ambassador

Curvy Girls Oklahoma Leader, Sydney, becomes Patient Ambassador for Shriners Hospitals for Children

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