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Hi I'm Hayley and I'm 12 years old and live in Perth, Western Australia.
I was diagnosed with scoliosis by a chiropractor in early June 2012. We went to the children's hospital for x-rays and found out my degrees were 41 in the upper curve and 59 in the lumber area. The doctor has recommended surgery within the next 6 months. The surgeon said it'll be some time in September 2012 but it has been delayed until early next year because there is only one surgeon in Perth who operates once a month at the children's hospital. In the meantime I have to wear a brace 23 hours a day. I got my first brace on Halloween!
I found in Perth there is very little support for people with scoliosis especially for girls. That's when I decided to go onto the internet and search for good support groups for girls with scoliosis. I was so excited when I found Curvy Girls because there were girls just like me out there. After a few months I decided to apply to start up my own Curvy Girls here in Perth. 
Next year in February 2013, I'll be starting high school (secondary school). I'm a little bit nervous because at the moment my school is very small with only 200 students. I'll be going to a school which has over 1200 students.
I enjoy netball, music, art and reading. I love making people happy.
I'm looking forward to meeting girls with scoliosis and I hope to inspire them.