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Hi my name is Madison. I am 13 years old and live in Washington State. I participate in activities such as volleyball, track and field, ballet, and playing the viola. I also love to spend time with my family, read, and watch movies as well.

When I was at my twelve-year-old routine check-up, my doctor informed me that I had scoliosis. They took pictures of my spine and told me that I had a 45-degree curve and that I needed to go see a specialist. I was put in a Boston brace in November of the first year of middle school. My doctor said that I would have to wear my brace 18 hours a day for about 3 years which I was not excited about. My mom signed me up for Schroth in January of 2019. The moves were very helpful and even decreased my curve by one degree. Over time, I got used to my brace and felt more comfortable talking about it with my friends and classmates. I still had to do P.E. even though I had to do modified moves. The kids in my class would always ask me why I was doing that and I usually would say that I was special. My P.E. class was before lunch so, I had to sneak off to the nurse's office to change into my brace because I didn’t want other kids in my P.E. class to know that I was wearing a brace. At the end of first semester in 7th grade, I had to stop P.E. because I wasn’t getting enough hours in my brace. I'm now a T.A. for an English class and a class with disabilities. I outgrew my brace and I now have to wear a WCR brace.

I am thrilled to start as a leader for the Washington Curvy Girls group. Even though scoliosis is a challenge for the girls and their families, I am very excited to help the girls get through their scoliosis journey.

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