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Eastern MA


Hi! My name is Lila and I live in the Greater Boston Area. My favorite sport is volleyball, which I play at school in the fall and on a club team year-round, and I am on a sail racing team in the spring. I am very invested in schoolwork and science is my favorite subject. In my free time, I like to spend time with friends, shop, and babysit-- I love kids. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12, though I had lived symptom-free with a small curve since I was 9. I went into one of my routine “watching the curve” visits with my doctor and he informed me I had a 25-degree curve. I wore a brace 22 hours a day for the following 2.5 years, then slowly tapered to just wearing my brace at night. I am now done growing and I have avoided surgery.


When I got diagnosed with scoliosis, I was scared. My family and I didn’t know anything about scoliosis, so we did a lot of research. We found Curvy Girls and I attended a meeting. My mom and I learned a lot about other people’s scoliosis experiences, which reassured us that we could get through the diagnosis. It was good to know other people who were going through the same challenges as I was and I always got good advice from girls at the meetings. Curvy Girls supported me and I want to pay it back. I am so excited to be a Leader, so I can be there for girls with scoliosis and help them through their scoliosis journey!

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