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In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading, or doing something that keeps me busy. I participate on my school’s track team, which I love doing every day. I am the president of my school’s Builder’s Club, which is a club that does community outreach in the area and in my school.


I was 9 years old when I was put into a Boston brace to help maintain my curves from getting worse. Unfortunately, the brace didn’t hold my curves, so I was scheduled for fusion surgery. My Mom discovered VBT surgery and we traveled to three different states to consult with three different doctors. We decided to go with VBT after hearing all the doctor’s comments. The first surgery didn’t go as planned, since right after, I had some complications. I was required to have a second emergency surgery, and everything was fixed! I am now still recovering and being watched to make sure my curve doesn’t dramatically change.

I want to be a Curvy Girls leader because when I was going through the first steps of my Curvy Girls journey, I didn’t have anyone to talk to (I am the first person in my family that we know of that has scoliosis). When I joined the Detroit Curvy Girls group, I felt like I was really able to connect and relate to other girls who were going through the same thing as me. I want to be there for other girls so I can give advice and help them through anything they need help with. I want to be someone that girls can rely on and ask questions whenever they need to.

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