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I’m Gwen and I'm currently 10 years old. I enjoy making bracelets, hanging out with friends and family, gymnastics, tumbling, and participating in cheer, Girl Scouts, and AWANA. I love reading and I'm a Harry Potter fan. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was five years old. I really disliked wearing my brace, but my doctors were always very kind to me and my family. My mom took me to my first Curvy Girls meeting soon after. The girls there were very kind and accepting, and they have helped me through my journey. I am always grateful to have them around. I have gone through three braces, and on my fourth. I love helping and supporting people everywhere.

Being a Curvy Girls Leader is such a great opportunity. I want to support and help other people going through the same thing that I am, and helping them feel more comfortable, just like the girls did for me when I joined. I want more people to be loved, understood, and supported.

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