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Central FL


My name is Charlet and I am a 16 year old high school junior. During a routine screening at my 12-year-old check-up, my pediatrician discovered a curve in my spine. After an X-ray, I received the news that I had biphasic scoliosis, meaning I had 2 curves. My pediatric orthopedist recommended I start physical therapy and wrote a script for a Boston brace that I would wear as often as I could tolerate. I was always too embarrassed to wear it to school, which the doctor said was fine, as long as I wore it as soon as I got home the whole day and to sleep. After a year of wearing my brace and doing physical therapy, I went back to get another X-ray and discovered that my main curve had progressed to 52 degrees and the doctor said that I would most likely need surgery. I play school volleyball and club volleyball year round, so the idea of surgery and potentially not being able to play again scared me. I finally made the decision, after weeks of debating, to get the surgery because I knew it would be beneficial for my future.

I was very stressed entering my freshman year but overall, I'm am so happy I decided to undergo surgery. I was able to fully play volleyball six months after the surgery and walked around school with no issue my freshman year through now. My scar is completely unnoticeable and I often forget that I even had surgery.

I want to be a group leader because I was always so ashamed to admit that I had scoliosis, to the point where I didn’t even want to go onto Curvy Girls and admit to myself that I had it. I felt that I had no one to really talk to about the situation or who really understood what I was going through. I don't want any girl to feel that wav, and I know that there are many who suffer with scoliosis. I want girls to always feel supported throughout their journey. I think sharing my story and experiences would help them. The absolute worst feeling is feeling different and/or alone, especially for teen girls who really want to fit in. Also, the fear of knowing that you need to have surgery is SO great that I want to be able to comfort girls who may have to receive surgery and know that our group is there to support them.

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