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Hey! I’m Lemoni. I am 14 years old and I live in Scotland, UK. I am very passionate about sports, especially hockey and netball. When I have some time to myself, I like to spend it hanging out with my friends and family. 

I first discovered that I had scoliosis in February 2023. My mum noticed that my back looked a little different than normal, and that my right shoulder blade protruded. Not long after, my back began to curve drastically and I had an x-ray taken the week later at hospital. Although the scans were not clear on the curve degree and we were uncertain on what to do next, we all felt worried. My mum scheduled another appointment for an x-ray in Edinburgh with a specialist consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeon, Thanos Tsirikos. He was truly a godsend; meeting him changed my entire surgical experience—before, during and after. At first, I refused to have surgery as I was scared but it was the best option going forward as my curves were an S-shape, 49.86° and 36.96°. It was too significant to ignore.

I was so overwhelmed and shocked by the news as it all happened so fast. Scoliosis isn't spoken and known about in my area so going through this process I felt quite alone. Although I had the most supportive friends and family by my side, there wasnt anyone I could relate to. 9 months and 3 weeks ago, I had my spinal fusion surgery and I am back to all my sports and I have never been happier. I feel stronger and more determined.

I made the decision to become a Leader for Curvy Girls in order to help those who have gone through or are about to go through their scoliosis journey. I want to be a supportive role model for young girls in my community. I want no girl to experience scoliosis alone. Because it can be a frightening journey, I am here to support you.

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