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Hi! I’m Celeste. I’m 15 years old in 2024, I am a huge swiftie (speak now tv is my fav era btw), Livie(Olivia rodrigo fan) and conehead (Conan Gray fan),and I enjoy hanging out with my best friends. I love reading and sports especially swimming, cycling and track and field. I also love taking pictures of sunsets and the sky. My CCA in School is Media and Production Society.


My scoliosis journey started in late 2019 when I was 10. I remember being at an MRT station, my mum pointed out that my shoulders were uneven. Later in the year, she brought me to a polyclinic to get a referral to KKH to get an X-ray. Months later, when I got the X-ray done and the doctor told me that I had mild scoliosis with 3 curves and my worse curve being 18°. Later on, around age 12, it got worse and I was told I needed to start bracing. Currently, my curves are at 30, 30 and 28, I have had 3 braces and I might stop bracing this year.

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