Meet Madison
Seattle Washington

Hi my name is Madison. I am 13 years old and live in Washington State. I participate in activities such as volleyball, track and field, ballet, and playing the viola. I also love to spend time with my family, read, and watch movies as well.

When I was at my twelve-year-old routine check-up, my doctor informed me that I had scoliosis. They took pictures of my spine and told me that I had a 45-degree curve and that I needed to go see a specialist. I was put in a Boston brace in November of the first year of middle school. My doctor said that I would have to wear my brace 18 hours a day for about 3 years which I was not excited about. My mom signed me up for Schroth in January of 2019. The moves were very helpful and even decreased my curve by one degree. Over time, I got used to my brace and felt more comfortable talking about it with my friends and classmates. I still had to do P.E. even though I had to do modified moves. The kids in my class would always ask me why I was doing that and I usually would say that I was special. My P.E. class was before lunch so, I had to sneak off to the nurse's office to change into my brace because I didn’t want other kids in my P.E. class to know that I was wearing a brace. At the end of first semester in 7th grade, I had to stop P.E. because I wasn’t getting enough hours in my brace. I'm now a T.A. for an English class and a class with disabilities. I outgrew my brace and I now have to wear a WCR brace.

I am thrilled to start as a leader for the Washington Curvy Girls group. Even though scoliosis is a challenge for the girls and their families, I am very excited to help the girls get through their scoliosis journey.

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Trinity 2013-18
Olympia Washington

Hi i'm Beatrice, i'm 13 and i'm in the 8th grade. I live in Washington and I enjoy playing volleyball, swimming, and camping with my family.  I recently got a WCR brace. Before I had a Modified Boston Brace. We found out I had scoliosis when I was very young. I went in to get an x-ray to see if I had pneumonia. Thankfully, I didn't but they noticed that I had a curve in my back. The doctors then watched my curve and decided to brace at the age of 7, the summer before I started grade 2. When I got my brace my two main curves were in the 30 degree area but with the brace treatment I've had so far my two main curves are now 19 degrees. As well as attending a fair amount of Curvy Girls' meetings, I have been to one Curvy Girls convention in 2016.

I want to show girls that have scoliosis, there not alone. I wanted to be a Curvy Girls' leader ever since I went to my first Curvy Girls' meeting. This is a great way to meet people that have scoliosis. It's also a great way to connect with people that live near you and are going through the same thing.

Meet Maddie
Whatcom Co
Mackenzie 2014-16
Central Washington

Hi, my name is Maddie! I am 14 living in Malaga Washington where I can ride my bike and swim all I want in the community pool! When I was in 6th grade I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I had no clue what it was. I just knew that I was told I needed an X-Ray. The results came back, and it turns out my spine was at a 20-degree curve. My doctors just said they wanted to watch it and make sure it can’t get any worse.


A year went by and I had another X-Ray for my spine. Turns out it had progressed to 29 degrees. I was recommended to Seattle Children’s Hospital right away, but we didn’t make the appointment for another 6 months. Once we had the appointment made, I got more X-Rays and it had progressed again to 30 degrees. I was immediately fitted into a Boston Brace that I needed to wear for most of the day. 8th grade year started up and I had to wear the brace everywhere. But I had to take it off for P.E or any physical activity. I hated dressing down because of the loud noises that the Velcro made as I took off my brace and all the stares and questions I would get. I would get about 5 people ask me what it was a day! I would always complain to my mom about how my day went with my brace. And during volleyball, the brace got even more attraction. I would wait until everyone left to dress down, so I was always the last one out.


I play volleyball and I run in track! So, it is a lot of fun, but my brace was always the thing on my mind rather than how I am doing in the sport. After track season, I was messaging a fellow leader named Izzy from Wichita about how she was doing and how she became a leader. I mentioned my interest in becoming a leader and she began telling me more about it, and I got even more exited to do it! When I became more exited to do this, I realized that I wasn’t scared of showing my brace off or talking about it to anyone. I wouldn’t mind speaking about it to anyone and I would always answer any question they asked. I also realized that they meant no harm in what they were asking. Because when I thought about it, if I were in their shoes and I saw someone wearing it, I would be a bit curious also.


The reason why I wanted to become a leader was because I love helping people and giving advice to them to help. Supporting people and their challenges gives me the biggest smile! My mom has always told me every day as I get out of the car to go to school, “Shine your light today!” And it didn’t make sense to me until I realized what it meant--- to make someone smile more than you could ever do.


Now, my scoliosis can’t stop me from being the person I am today.     


Bellingham Washington

Meet Sofia


I found out I had scoliosis about a month after my eleventh birthday. Our doctor quickly got us an appointment at Children’s  Hospital for an X-ray and things went on from there. We soon got set up with Dr. White since my curve was about 52 degrees. A month later, I had my first session of Schroth physiotherapy. My mother soon found out about Curvy Girls and took me to my first meeting (it was right after the CG convention 2018). 


I like reading, music, nature, art, sewing, knitting, birds of prey, and crafts. I do karate, play the flute and am homeschooled (oh, and I am also in Camp Fire). 


I want to make a difference by helping girls like me who need support, comfort, love, and understanding!