Northern Virginia/DC Area

Meet Sophie & Anna

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Hi! I’m Sophie and I live in Vienna, VA. I love sports, especially playing soccer and field hockey. I also enjoy baking, painting, and hanging out with my friends!


When I was 11, my doctor suspected I had scoliosis at a yearly checkup. I was officially diagnosed a few months later, and my curves were around 35 and 25 degrees. My doctor recommended bracing, and so I got my first Rigo-Cheneau brace in April of 2019. I wear my brace an average of 21-22 hours a day. I have since gotten a second brace, and my curves are about 30 and 18 degrees!


I am excited to be a co-leader of the Northern VA chapter because I have really enjoyed being a part of this group. When I was first diagnosed, I knew nothing about scoliosis and did not know anyone who had it. I felt self-conscious about my brace (and still do sometimes), but finding Curvy Girls was so helpful! I am very thankful for the opportunity to help other girls. I am excited to encourage and support others on their scoliosis journey, so they won’t feel as alone!

Hi! My name is Anna and I’ve been a member of Curvy Girls for about two and a half years! I love to read, play the piano, bake, and draw in my free time. I also have a love for musical theatre. I enjoy singing, dancing, and acting. 


I was first diagnosed in the Spring of 2018 when my posture looked a bit off. I was diagnosed with an S curve of 23 and 28 degrees. I got my brace from the National Scoliosis Center. I wore a brace for two years, one year full time and one at night, and since then it’s been about a year of being brace-free! I’ve made many friends during my scoliosis journey through Curvy Girls and made inside jokes with my friends about my brace. I hope to make even more by co-leading the NOVA/DC group! I’m very grateful to have found Curvy Girls, especially since I knew nobody else who had scoliosis at the time. I hope to help other girls who may need some advice! 


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Meet Leah

Virginia Beach Virginia

Hi, my name is Leah. I play the flute and love marching band.  I am a Girl Scout and love selling lots and lots of Girl Scout cookies. I also like to swim and hang out with my friends.


My doctor monitored my curve for 2 years before it progressed enough to where I needed a brace. I’ve been wearing a Boston Brace for over two and a half years.  I started Schroth a few months ago and hopefully it will decrease my curve. All of my doctors have been very supportive through my entire journey. I am very thankful for them. 


I am a Curvy Girls leader today because I want to give back just like the Curvy Girls of Newport News did for me.