Meet Sophie & Lucy

My name is Sophie and I was diagnosed with Scoliosis by Boston Children’s Hospital when I was eight. I had to wear a back brace for 18 hours each day for 5 years. It was hard to wear my brace because I felt different from all of my friends and it impacted my self esteem. I was excited to learn about Curvy Girls because I wanted to meet other girls like me. Since I began the Vermont chapter of Curvy Girls I have gained back a lot of my self-confidence and made great connections! I am now on my 5th brace and I only have to wear it at night. I am so thankful for Curvy Girls. It feels great to know I am helping other girls like me and they have helped me so much in return. 

My name is Lucy and I am 13 years old. I got my Boston brace when I was 9, about four years ago. I grew up in California and moved to Vermont in 6th grade. My pediatrician first found my scoliosis and I was braced shortly after that. I enjoy horseback riding, spending time with my cat and playing games with my family. 


I first found out about Curvy Girls through the convention in Long Island, NY. That is where I met Sophie, the Vermont leader. She introduced me to another member of the Vermont Curvy Girls group, and we became friends. Curvy Girls has really helped me with my brace because of the people I’ve met, and the stories they shared with me. I really would like to help other girls just starting their journey or if they need someone to talk to.