Meet Indra & Eva

Ella 2015-20

Avery 2014-15

Austin Texas

 I first got diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was 8 years old. Originally, my parents and I had noticed that my shoulders were slightly uneven while taking passport photos when I was 7. My dad kept telling me to relax one shoulder, but it felt crooked to me to have them even for the photo.  He brought up the issue at my next doctor’s appointment, and we were sent for an x-ray.


When I was diagnosed by the orthopedic surgeon, I was very surprised. And even MORE surprised when my physician prescribed a scoliosis brace. I thought that my curve was so mild that it would be a “watch and wait” thing, but as I learned, because of my age, I was considered to have a high risk of curve progression during adolescence.  I didn't think the brace would be something that defines me! While flooded with emotions when leaving the physician’s office, I noticed a poster for the Austin Chapter of Curvy Girls, and it had a picture of the Chapter Leader, Ella on it. It was so comforting to know there were other girls going through the same thing I was! I made it to the next CG meeting.


After being inspired by Ella, I started to wear my brace over my clothes and stopped trying to hide my scoliosis. I even gave a presentation to my whole school about bracing and my journey with scoliosis. About several months, my spine physician said that I was being so extroverted about bracing, that he wanted to feature me in the local news to promote a new, low-dose x-ray machine being used in Austin, the EOS. It was a chance for to share positive news about scoliosis and CG’s publicly.


I am so happy to be a Co-Leader and I am very excited to help lead the Austin Chapter. Sometimes, scoliosis smacks you in the face, and the best way to handle it is just emBrace it.


Other facts about me: I was born in New Zealand, I love to read, do aerial yoga, and play with my Old English Sheepdog.

Hi! I’m Eva. I am 11 years old and going into sixth grade. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis near the end of fourth grade. The doctor looked at my back for my yearly check-up and said that there was just a little curve, nothing to worry about. Later that summer my mom and I flew to Philadelphia to my current scoliosis doctor. He looked at my x-ray and said that the curve was about 24-27 degrees. A month later, I got a Boston brace to help my curve.

A few weeks after I had my brace, my mom took me to a Curvy Girls' pool party where I met the previous leader who was very welcoming and kind. I kept coming to meetings for about a year when one of the leaders stepped down. I was sad that she decided to step down, but I knew I wanted to be one of the leaders. As soon as I knew she was stepping down, I reached out to her to tell her I would be interested in becoming one of the leaders. She helped me get in contact with the people who made that decision. About a month after reaching out to her I was the new co-leader.

Curvy Girls inspired me to be more confident about my scoliosis. I love all the activities we do together and I love meeting more girls who have scoliosis. I have met so many amazing girls through Curvy Girls and can’t wait to meet more.

Some of the things I like to do are, play volleyball, basketball, and hang out with my friends. I have a labradoodle whose name is Oliver. I also have an older sister who is sixteen. I was born in Austin, and I love to travel.

Meet Madison
Dallas Texas
Madison Dallas.png

In my free time, I enjoy art-related activities such as painting and drawing. I also love to bake, sew, and play with my dog.


My scoliosis journey began at age 6 with my curve monitored until age 9 when I was put in a brace. I’ve been in a brace ever since, excluding an almost 2-year long brace break a few years ago to deal with pain.


I want to be a support system for girls who are experiencing the same things I did. Since I’ve been a part of CG for 7 years, I hope to reciprocate to others all that the group has provided for me. I love the community that it creates and can’t wait to continue that as a leader!

Kendall 2015-20

Meet Ryleigh

Houston  Texas

Amelia Leader


Hi! My name is Ryleigh and I’m excited to be leading the Curvy Girls Houston Group. At the age of 12 years old and in the midst of a successful gymnastics career, I was shocked to find out I was born with a spine defect (hemivertebra). After receiving the diagnosis of congenital kyphoscoliosis, my parents decided to retire me from the sport I’d loved since I was 3 years old. Although I felt somewhat lost at the time, I remained optimistic that there were greater things to come. I immediately changed my focus over to diving and training American Ninja Warrior obstacles.


Things were going great and I was starting to love my “new life”, but after only 4 months my doctor recommended surgery to stop the progression of my kyphosis. I ended up having 4 back surgeries in a 13-month-period due to complications. Everything moved very quickly for me after my diagnosis so there was never really any form of treatment prior to surgery. I did, however, get braced after both my third and last surgeries (mostly for support and protection). I am fused between T4-T10 (6 screws, 4 hooks and 2 rods).


I was fully released from my 2-year surgical journey in September of 2017 and resumed my diving training right away. With only one full season of diving, I was able to place 5th and 6th in the 2018 National AAU Championships. Around that same time, I became aware of an opportunity to be a part of the first season of American Ninja Warrior Junior and I knew it would be a perfect platform to bring awareness to scoliosis. I applied and quickly picked up my ninja training and was selected out of over 6000+ junior athletes to compete in Los Angeles.

Through my exposure with ANWJR, I was contacted by author Alyson Gerber who reached out to offer me an autographed copy of her book Braced. When I looked her up I realized she was involved with Curvy Girls and I became interested in the organization and knew I wanted to be a part. I soon found out that the Houston group was without a leader and felt led to step up and lead the group. I know for me this scoliosis journey has been the most challenging obstacle I’ve faced in life, but I also know if given the opportunity I wouldn’t change a thing! It has truly taught me that my ability is greater than my disability. With courage and Bravery, we will face our challenges TOGETHER!

Meet Maya
San Antonio Texas


2013-14 San Antonio

2014-15 Lake Charles, LA


2014-16 San Antonio


My name is Maya. I first got diagnosed with scoliosis when I was five years old. It wasn’t a big problem for me until two years ago. Initially, I was excited when I first got braced. My friends and family were very supportive. 


In the middle of this past school year, I started to not wear my brace at all because it felt uncomfortable. Turns out that my curve increased 15 degrees during that time! I am not very proud of not wearing my brace but now I am committed to trying my best. I hope to help other girls who are going through the same thing.  One thing that I would recommend is to wear your brace because the risks of surgery increase. It may be tough now, but it will really be helpful in the future.

Some things about me are that I play percussion in my middle school band, love listening to all kinds of music, and absolutely love surfing in Mazatlán during the summer. Overall, I’m an active young woman who loves hanging with my friends and reading. I am also bilingual and speak Spanish fluently. So if you’re a Spanish-speaking parent of a Curvy Girl in San Antonio, feel free to contact me.

Me llamo Maya y soy la nueva líder de Curvy Girls de San Antonio, Texas. Me diagnosticaron con escoliosis cuando tenía cinco años pero en ese entonces solo necesitaba monitoreo. Pasó el tiempo y en una revisión los rayos x mostraron que la curva ya había incrementado a 16 grados y fue ahí cuando se decidió que tenía que empezar a usar el corsé (brace). Al inicio estaba emocionada pero con el tiempo se volvió incómodo y me lo quería quitar. Cuando me lo llevaba a la escuela me sentía un poco rara porque creía que todos se iban a dar cuenta pero no fue así. Mis amigos me apoyaron y entendieron la situación. Cabe mencionar que mi familia ha sido un apoyo sin límite. Un verano me lastimé con una roca en la playa y no me podía poner el corsé. No me lo puse por dos semanas y afortunadamente la curva no empeoró. Cuando inició este año escolar, el corsé me lastimaba y deje de usarlo. Había crecido y necesitaba uno nuevo, por lo tanto, ya cunado lo recibí era más tolerable usarlo.  Cuando empezó la cuarentena tuve revisión con mi doctora y la curva había incrementado 15 grados. No me siento muy orgullosa por no haber tenido disciplina de ponerme el corsé como debía pero ahora estoy intentando ser más constante y me lo pongo lo requerido. El motivo que me ha impulsado para querer ser líder es porque deseo ayudar y apoyar a otras chicas que quizás estén pasado por una situación similar a la mía. Estoy en octavo grado y toco las percusiones en la banda de mi escuela. También me gusta escuchar música y me encanta surfear los veranos cuando voy a Mazatlán a casa de mis abuelos. También me gusta leer y pasar tiempo con mis amigos. Soy bilingüe, hablo español e inglés,  por lo tanto si tienen alguna duda pueden comunicarse conmigo en cualquier idioma. Para finalizar, quiero sugerirles que traten de usar siempre su corsé porque las operaciones son de alto riesgo y si podemos evitarla con nuestra disciplina creo que valdría la pena.


Kimberly 2017-20