Meet Iris

(and Snickers)

Past Leader

Dani 2012-18

Chattanooga Tennessee 


Hi! My name is Iris and I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2013. I had a hip infection that was serious, and on the x-ray my mom noticed a curve in my lower spine. I ended up having two curves. The doctor got it checked out, and it turned out to be minor scoliosis. Sadly, I had a high risk of increase. I went and saw an orthopedic doctor to look at getting a brace. I got my first brace which was a nighttime bending brace, but it had a lot of issues with it. As I was growing quickly, my orthopedic doctor said this was not a good match for me. I stopped wearing my brace for a while, and my curve increased to the point where I was in danger of having surgery-- 30's and 40's degree points. I switched doctors, got a new brace, and started doing Shroth exercises. Luckily my curve has stopped increasing, and hopefully I will not need surgery. 

I love to listen to music, especially Fall Out Boy. I also love to draw, act, ride horses, and read. I'm a huge fangirl of many things. I have a huge obsession with London, England, and traveling to new places. I am so happy to be able to be a leader, and make new connections with other girls who have scoliosis, and help support them! 


Meet Ruby

Nashville Tennessee

Hi my name is Ruby, I’m from Nashville TN. When I am not in school I enjoy gymnastics,

watching Netfix, crafting, listening to music, and puppies! I have an older brother and hopefully we will be getting a new puppy soon.

When I was in third grade, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and began wearing a brace for 16-18 hrs a day. Each brace has had a name and they are all based off of minion characters. I began with Bob, then Carl, and now Kevin. Sometimes I dislike Kevin, like when he puts holes in my shirts but then other times it can be fun like when I tell people I am Iron Man’s daughter.


I decided to become a leader in Nashville, TN because I felt like there were no support groups close to me and I needed that. I also felt like there has to more girls in Nashville that have scoliosis like me so I am on a mission to find them! I hope in 2020 I will be able to bring some other members with me to the convention.