Hi, my name is Kirsten! I enjoy singing, playing the guitar, and being outdoors.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 9 and was monitored until I was 11.  By that point, my curves had worsened, and I was told I would need to wear a night brace. Adjusting to the night brace was extremely difficult, to say the least, so I started the Western Massachusetts group in 2016 hoping to find support. 

After 3 years of bracing, I am now out of my brace.  Curvy Girls is a safe space where I have grown as a person and as a leader.  I have met so many incredible people, and I am inspired every day by the strength and resilience of the girls in the Curvy Girls' community.  I am here today as a CG leader because I want to help girls on their scoliosis journeys.