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Southwest FL


My hobbies include drawing, playing online, and thinking up story ideas. Drawing allows me to express myself creatively, whether it be of joy, sadness, or anger. Playing online allows me to interact with the world more easily, and has led me to meet wonderful people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and allows me to share story ideas, which also allows me to express myself creatively like with drawing.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 6th grade and was fitted for a Boston back brace in 7th grade. I found out about Curvy Girls while my father was looking through Facebook, which eventually led me here.

My dream job is to either be a genealogist or doctor, and both include helping others, whether it be through uniting and reuniting families or saving lives. Being a leader of my chapter in Curvy Girls will allow me to help support girls who need it most, as well as help worried parents and siblings of those girls.

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