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Southeast FL


Hi! My name is Summer! I had an “S” curve, 44 degrees on the top and 51 degrees on the bottom. In 6th grade, during a school scoliosis screening, the nurses found a curve in my back. A few months later, I was officially diagnosed with scoliosis. Soon I was fitted for a brace that I was to wear 16-18 hours a day, but I wore mine for about 24 as a precaution for 3 years. On one of my 3-month visits to my scoliosis specialist, he said that we should start to discuss surgery, this was a huge surprise for me because I thought that he would’ve talked to me about getting my brace off. I was so scared and anxious for the next few months until my surgery on December 5, 2019. I had never had surgery before and was so nervous. Eventually, the date came, and I was surprised by how I felt when I woke up. I was so relieved to be done with surgery! Today I am feeling AMAZING, I love to cheer, travel, and share my story with others! 


I love to share my story with others and help others through their scoliosis journeys! To me being a group leader means being there for other girls who are/were in my situation and I’m excited to get to know everyone!

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