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Hi, my name is Lila and I am so excited to be a group leader! I live in South Florida and I love spending time at the beach, outdoors, and with my friends and family. I’m part of numerous clubs at my school and take pride in my academic achievements. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was around 8 years old but it didn’t become an issue until around 7th grade. My curve was getting worse and I was put in a brace for 20 hours a day. Luckily, this requirement happened right around COVID so most of the time I spent in my brace was in the comfort of my own home. I practiced Schroth therapy twice a week before school, making me stronger and resisting my curve. Furthering into my treatment, my required hours were becoming less and less, until 10th grade when I no longer had to wear it. Fortunately, I never required surgery and I am now fully complete with all of my treatment.


When I was going through my treatment, I had such a difficult time coming to terms with wearing my brace in public. I thought no one around me could understand what I was going through and how to deal with it. Now, years later, I realize that it would have been immensely beneficial for me to speak to other girls my age going through the same thing. I want to be a group leader so I can give young girls in my area the opportunity to discuss what they are going through because I know how difficult this time can be.

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