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Hi, my name is Claire. I am 14 years old and I love to run track and sing in my school’s choir. I got diagnosed with scoliosis when I was ten. My degrees were 25 on the top curve and 20 on the bottom curve. When I was first diagnosed, I was a little scared and nervous about wearing a brace. I learned about Curvy Girls and joined the group to get support from other girls who were going through the same things as me. I wore a Boston brace for almost 4 years. Now my degrees are 55 on the top and 35 on the bottom, and I found out that I am going to have spinal fusion surgery.

When I found out about having surgery I was scared, but my group leader and others in the group who already had surgery made me feel better and were able to answer all my questions. Being a Curvy Girls leader will let me help other girls with their journey with scoliosis. I want to help other girls not feel alone and be able to have a group of understanding friends to talk with.

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