My name is Ava. I’m 16, but let’s take it back a few years. When I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, and I immediately started bracing. I continued bracing all the way until I was in 7th grade. Rarely did I struggle with pain. Obviously I had some discomfort, but not a lot. That was until the summer of 2019, when the pain became so intense. I couldn’t walk, or even get out of bed some days. In October of 2019 my doctor at The Shriner’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah told me I needed to have surgery. Once I heard that I knew I needed some type of support, so I reached out to Curvy Girls. On December 23rd, 2019 I had a full spinal fusion. I stayed in the hospital back in Utah for 5 days, then drove back to Boise. I’m going to be honest, the recovery was very hard, but I overcame it. Now 2.5 years later I have very little to no pain, and I can do so much more than before my