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Hey, y’all! I’m Elizabeth and I’m a junior in high school, as well as a freshman in college! My hobbies include dancing, singing, community service, and learning as much about everything as I can (I'm basically Sid the Science Kid for those of you who are old enough to get that reference). When I'm older, I think I'd like to be an orthopedic surgeon or work in nutrition!

AND, just like you, I have scoliosis. I had, basically, no knowledge of scoliosis until the fall of 2020, when I was 13. After a huge growth spurt during COVID, my parents noticed my shoulders were uneven.  After some at-home checks, we went to the orthopedist, who told us that I had two large curves (with the top one almost 60 degrees) and recommended surgery ASAP. Just a few months later, in April 2021, I had a spinal fusion (T3-T10) (I never had to brace because of the time and condition of my diagnosis), and I’m all the better for it. Now, at age 16,  I’ve got a much straighter back, a couple more inches of height,  and a whole lot more scoliosis knowledge.

I am so excited and honored to be a part of Curvy Girls. When I was going through the toughness of facing my diagnosis and what was to come, I didn’t really have the chance to interact with girls who knew what I was going through. But now, I get to help support girls all over Georgia! If you’d like to join the Georgia group (we’d love to have you) you can email me at the email address to the right. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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