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Hi! My name is Runzi and I am currently studying at Beijing National Day School as a Grade 11 student. I Live in Beijing with my family. I have a passion in traveling, literature and helping others. 

I was 13 when I was diagnosed with scoliosis, at that time, it wasn’t severe, so the doctors recommended no treatment at all and told me to come back a year later. After a year, the situation grew worse, so the doctor recommended surgery. But after my family and I understood the potential harm of surgery, we decided to receive a milder treatment instead, and that’s when I met my curreent specialist. He introduced brace treatment for me and now I have been wearing a brace for more than two years. My curve was straightened a bit and I hope I can remain that safe status. 

I have always wanted to reach out to my fellow patients, so in 2021, I reached out through my doctor and got in touch with more than 200 patients and parents. It is a tight community. We would chat online everyday about our curves, our treatments and our lives. We would also post pictures of us doing Schroth exercise and encourge each other to keep on going. I know that scoliosis is still a quite mysterious disease in China and it deserves more attention. I also acknowledge that we use different platforms in China. So if you want to reach out to me, I am available not only on email, Facebook, and instagram, but also WeChat, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu. 

Scoliosis doesn’t stop me from doing what I want to do, instead, it connected me with you guys. So please don’t ever feel ashamed to be who you are. We’ve got your back! 


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