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HI, I am Rituparna. i was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 13. I had my correction surgery on 11th July, 2022. I love dancing,swimming, and reading. Scoliosis has changed me and brought about new experiences that I would have never had otherwise. I believe it has made me more empathetic and understanding towards emotions and thoughts. I love conversations that include different philosophies. We all have our share of tough times. I believe that good times come too. Its good to stick together and help one another during the tough days and smile together on our good days.

Being a Curvy Girl was always a part of my journey. My CG Leader and members were rays of sunshine who helped me glide through the roughest parts of my journey. I hope to make a difference in young lives and achieve togetherness of our community in INDIA where girls are not very vocal about their conditions or the problems. We need to be kind and helpful to the younger girls who may think they're a misfit for the society. Curves are beautiful and you are not alone! We ought to feel comfortable and glow with our own lights

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