Hi! I’m Janet. I’m 15 years old and I live in Osaka, Japan. I have been studying at Osaka International School since I was five years old because my parents are from Japan and Australia and I have lived in Japan all of my life. Living in Japan and attending an International school has helped me developed to have native-speaking skills in both languages and also has developed me to be an openminded global thinker. I’m extremely keen on leadership and so I have been apart of many extracurricular activities in the past but at the moment my main commitments are Global Issues Network (a global association), dance/cheer team, tutoring, the school newspaper, and sports management.  Currently, I’m a Sophmore or 10th grade, and I have been making big decisions and goals for my future. One of them was to become the first ambassador to represent Japan in the Curvy Girls community. 

Long story short, I have had Scoliosis and Spondylolisthesisfor for as long as I can remember. The two ‘disorders’ of mine are now technically, just about, fully cured after my two operations in 2017 and in 2019. I feel that these two disorders of mine have matured me early on and also allowed me to become a more open-minded person by understanding the fact that everyone is different and is unique in their own ways. 

I want to support other girls with Scoliosis with similar situations as myself because I understand the physical and mental stress that this condition creates. If I am able to relieve even some of this stress from these girls and their families by having a support group like this, it would mean so much to me.  I believe that a support group would definitely be an effective way for girls to be able to connect to create friends and I hope that this can turn such a terrible condition into a positive outcome for them and their families.