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Hello, my name is Ekta. I am from Nepal. I was born in small town of Nepal called Hetauda.I am a pharmacy student. One day while returning from the school someone noticed my unusual rib hump in my  back and told my mother. Than we visited the local doctor when I was 10.I was prescribed for the brace which I wore for 3 years. My shoulders and pelvis were also uneven.

At about 13-year, doctor prescribed me for the surgery after doing MRI. However, that surgery was for nerves and not for spine and we were misguided. Then my condition became worse and finally I got the surgery from Dr.oheneba boachei-adjei for spine and  I was diagnosed for the congenital scoliosis. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, practicing photography, and exploring the villages.


Because my condition was rarely diagnosed and people here don’t know the term for this condition, I want to raise awareness for this. I want to relieve the physical and mental stress every girl has to go due to scoliosis. I want to set an example that even after going through all this wecan achieve whatever we desire for. I hope this support group is the most effective way to help all the warriors. Thank you curvy girl for this amazing opportunity.

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