Angelica & Angela

Angelica is my name. I'm 19 years. I'm from Ghana. I was diagnosed of scoliosis at age 15 with a curve of 28 degrees. Because my bones were matured, bracing was not an option. I went through the observation treatment and I also engaged in physiotherapy which helped. 

I love to take pictures and hangout with my twin sister and friends.

I decided to be a Co-leader of the Curvy Girls scoliosis group because I know how it feels to have scoliosis. Coming together with other girls to talk about scoliosis will make us  communicate and express our emotions. This will make us confident about our aspirations and will give us the go ahead to accomplish remarkable feats.

My name is Angela and am 19 years of age from Ghana and my scoliosis journey started when I was 15 years old.

A couple of times my friends at school prompted me about how i stand- so relaxed on my right foot and they made fun of how my future baby will fall if I carried her at my back.  I informed my mum and it is then that she realized my shoulders weren't even and my left leg seemed to be a little longer than my right one by an inch or two, and when bending I had a muscle lump on my back. We went to see an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr.Oheneba Boachie-Adjei ,and was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis with a 31.5 degree curve. I remained under observation. Apparently, the bones are matured so braces wouldn't be a good option.

Through my visits to the hospital (FOCOS), I realized there are lots of girls out there going through this and I have come to understand that we need each other to talk to and share our experiences. I am very passionate about this and would go an extra mile to know all the young girls going through this.

After a long time of having ow self-esteem and being unable to feel confident when I dress, I started doing research on the internet about scoliosis and came across Curvy Girls on instagram. Everything I saw on this platform inspired me even more, so here i am today as a Curvy Girls' Leader from Ghana.

I am living life normally by the grace of God. My hobbies are reading, taking pictures and hanging out with friends. I love singing as well, even though I don't have the voice, i only get excited about how irritating I sound to others when I start singing LOL.