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Hi, I’m Alyssa, I’m 14 years old and this is my story. When I was 12 years old, my mum and I discovered that there was something wrong with my back. We went to the doctor and soon enough I was diagnosed with quite severe scoliosis. It was very daunting as it all happened so quickly: the multiple X-rays, MRI scans, doctor’s appointments.

Although, it was a relief to get a name for my condition, I was told that I needed to have surgery. This wasn’t a suitable option for me because I was and still am an active sports person, despite my scoliosis. So instead of going ahead with the surgery, my parents and I decided to get a back brace and start physio-therapy. My back brace made me feel very insecure, especially being a 12 year old girl; it still does to this day but over the past two years I have learnt to deal with my condition and am now comfortably managing with it.


My journey since the diagnosis has had many ups and downs, as I discovered what worked and what didn’t. Although, I have very supportive family and friends, most people don’t understand how to treat someone with a condition like scoliosis.  For example, having been part of a competitive sporting team for a while, new coaches would suddenly ask if they could “throw” the ball to me. This upset me, especially because I had barely any friends with scoliosis who could empathize with me and I dreaded such instances. That is why, when I discovered Curvy Girls Scoliosis, I was very keen to become a part of a support group and meet other girls with my condition. On discovering that there wasn’t a support group anywhere near me, I was even more determined to help start one, because not only does it mean I can give support and advice to other girls, but become part of a worldwide community of girls also dealing with scoliosis. I also now know that having scoliosis doesn’t have to prevent you from being you, you can still achieve your own goals and do what you love, as long as you have others who support you.

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