Meet Claudia
Barcelona Spain 

My name is Claudia and I am 14 years old. I live in Barcelona, Spain and I go to 9th grade.  My hobbies are singing and dancing and I like food, sleeping and music. Everything began when I was 11 years old. I was having my annual visit with my doctor and while he was checking that everything was alright, he realized that I had a shoulder and a hip lower than the other and told us that I had to make an X-ray. So we did, and when we got the results, I went to a traumatologist (orthopedist) who gave me a kind of pendulum that ran from the neck to the tailbone and as he saw that the pendulum was straight, he told me I had postural scoliosis and to return within a year. Next year, the traumatologist did the pendulum again, but it was no longer in a straight line and he told me that I did not have a postural scoliosis anymore.  Another year passed, and we decided to change the doctor who had told me that I had to wait until September and that if it worsened I had to wear a brace. Well, that did happen, so I started wearing a Boston brace in October. I wore it for one entire year. I was so uncomfortable that there were weeks where I had to go every day for the brace to be modified.  In November 2012, I met Dr. Rigo and his team, who explained and taught me everything about Schroth physiotherapy. Dr. Rigo changed me immediately to Chêneau brace, which I wore for another year. Now I am adapting to a new one, which is supposed to be my last. I continue to go for rehabilitation with Dr. Rigo twice a week! In the future, I would like to study the same as Dr. Rigo studied, because I do love everything related to scoliosis and physiotherapy. I am excited to begin the first CGs group in Spain to help other girls in the same situation.