Meet Katie
Portland Oregon

Hi, my name is Katie. I am 12 years old and in 6th grade. I was diagnosed with scoliosis with a 52 degree curve when I was 10. I enjoy art and crafts, playing guitar, playing with my three cats, and hanging out with my friends.

I wear a Boston brace 20 hours a day and do Schroth physical therapy 20-30 minutes most days. My friends all know about my scoliosis and brace and it’s no big deal. My scoliosis makes me feel unique which I think is a good thing!


I participated in my CG group for 2 years before the opportunity to lead came up. I am really looking forward to helping other girls feel good about themselves and help them see they are unique in a good way!

Sr. Leader Becca

Meet Kate

Eugene Oregon

Hello, my name is Kate. I am 11 years old and enjoy being on swim team, playing the piano, riding horses, creating arts and crafts, playing with my sister Ava and playing outside. I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis in July 2013. My mom noticed that my right shoulder blade came out a little further than my left, so she pointed it out to my pediatrician at my 8- year well check. My doctor said that I had scoliosis, so she had me get x-rays. When my doctor called later that day, she said I had a 17 degree curve and a 15 degree curve and that I needed to see an orthopedist. My mom researched scoliosis so we thought the doctor would just keep on eye on my back. But no, we were wrong! The orthopedist said that I had an S shaped curve that was 32 degrees on top and 17 degrees on the bottom. He said I would need to go to Shriner’s Hospital in Portland to get a brace. I was scared. When we went to Shriner’s Hospital I had to get another x-ray. Dr. Krajbich said that I needed a Boston Brace so he sent me to see Don, an orthotist. I was scared and overwhelmed. I had so many questions in my head. What would it feel like? Would it hurt? I was worried about how it would change my life. Don was gentle and kind and I liked that he asked me questions, not Mommy. He told me what he was going to do before he did it and always made sure I was okay with what was happening. Don let me pick a tattoo for my brace. I picked butterflies! Most of the car ride home I cried. I told my mom I didn’t need a brace and that my body was healthy. My mom tried to comfort me. When I first got my brace it was so tight! My tummy wasn’t used to it; I itched and it was hard to sit down. After a few months I got used to wearing my brace. Now I wear it just fine for 21 to 23 hours each day. Even though wearing a brace can be frustrating I am glad my body is healthy and I can enjoy life!


It helps being around other kids that understand what I am going through. I am excited to be a Curvy Girls Leader so I can help other girls with scoliosis and encourage them to live a healthy life! If you would like to be part of our group you can contact me.


Meet Lily

Central  Oregon

My name is Lily and I like to figure skate, play volley ball, ski and read. I do not like to do math or social studies. 


I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was ten. When I was getting my brace I got the book Straight Talk 

with the Curvy Girls and I read about the impact that CG had on their scoliosis experience. I thought that it would be nice to be part of a group, so I researched CG and found out that I could make my own group in Bend, OR, so, here I am. 


I wear the Wood Cheneau Rigo brace made by Grant Wood and I do Schroth Physical Therapy 20 minutes a day. My brace does not bother me except when it gets really hot. I named my brace, it is Blossom the Brace and it has butterflies on it. 


Meet Brynne

North Bend Oregon

Hi, my name is Brynne! I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis when I was twelve (August 2017).  I measured at 22* thoracic and 36* lumbar. I wore three 23 hour Boston Braces and one nighttime Providence Brace throughout the course of two years. I also did Schroth Therapy.  At my 6 month check up with the night brace (August 2019), we were notified that my curve drastically changed to 56* lumbar. I had major rotation and basically only one working lung. The night brace didn't work like it was supposed to. So, in the beginning of my Freshman year of high school, I had a Lumbar Anterior Interbody Spinal Fusion from T12 to L3. It was very rough and my recovery took longer than expected.  Now, my back is straightened out to 15* lumbar, no rotation, and I have two healthy fully functioning lungs. My doctor even saved me a level so that I could continue my passion for dancing!


A few hobbies I have include drawing, reading, dancing, running,  and hanging out with my friends and family.


I want to become a group leader because during my journey with Scoliosis I felt alone. I lived far away from all of the other groups and email just wasn't the same. I want to prevent as many girls as possible from feeling like I did.  I am excited to give brace tips, surgery tips, and just make some amazing new friends!

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