Meet Emily
Cleveland Ohio 

Hey, my name is Emily. I’m currently 13 years old. I found out I had scoliosis in 2019. My doctor noticed I didn’t “look quite right.” She then sent me to Dr. Ryan Goodwin. They took an X-ray of me and found out I had a curve of 30 degrees. I was braved for a little longer than a year until my curve went from around 20 to 40 degrees. We decided to go with the VBT surgery for me. I had the surgery on October 23, 2020. I recovered great but I still get back pain.

I’ve been in Curvy Girls since 2019 only a few months after we found out I had scoliosis. Since then I’ve showed up to nearly every meeting. The group helped me feel more comfortable with my old brace and gave me more confidence. I find myself educating my classmates sometimes on my scoliosis. I’m excited to co-lead with not only my previous leader but my friend who helped me throughout my whole scoliosis journey.

Anna 2015-21

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Past Leadership
Maggie 2019-21

Cassie 2015-20
Kiki & Alyse 2013-14
Payton 2014-15


Cincy 2017-19

Columbus Ohio 

We found out that my cousin was diagnosed with scoliosis so my mom checked my brothers and I when she noticed my back had a curve to it.  I was eight when I went to the doctor and they told me I had scoliosis. When I was ten my curve got worse so I had to get fitted to wear my first back brace. I finally grew a little as did my curve, so I just got my second brace in May.


I enjoy cheerleading and volleyball. In my spare time, I help out around the house with chores. We live in the country. I like doing flips on my trampoline, swimming or going on the zipline over our pond.


I think that it is important for new kids to know that they are not alone.  These meetings are very helpful and fun to be part of. I want to know that I am helping somebody to know they are not alone. Having scoliosis is very hard because you might be the only one at your school with it.