Meet Jessica
Nova Scotia Canada 


HI, my name is Jessica. I was diagnosed with scoliosis a month before my 11th birthday. My curve was 72° and only 4 months later, it had grown to 77°. The wait for surgery in Canada is usually about 2 years but I was put on a rush list. I was operated on 13 months after my diagnosis. As a result of growth spurts, my curve reached 93° right before surgery. I had an anterior and posterior surgery, which involved removing discs and fusing part of my spine.  The best news is-- I gained over 2 inches after surgery!!! My recovery has gone really well and I’m ahead of the curve in progress.


I joined Curvy Girls two months post-op to support other girls so they know they aren't alone. I have been raising local awareness with the help of my family and found that not many people know much about scoliosis. I hope to help change that.The missing piece for me through my whole scoliosis experience was not having other girls to talk to who are living with scoliosis. I'm so happy to be a part of changing that for others in my area.


I am working toward getting back to some of my favorite things - horseback riding and running club. I love drawing, writing stories, reading, science, fossils, exploring, being outside and animals. I am planning to become a doctor and specialize in scoliosis treatment so I can help fight this disease.

Leader Madison