Meet Hiba

Went from a kid who practically had everything, to a teen with increasing insecurities in a family that went bankrupt. I was a teenager who lacked self-esteem and felt despair. I didn’t have the support of family or friends.


I soon sought refuge in blank papers that would contain my feelings because suppressing them wasn’t an option. I started to fall in love with the small details that make each of us exceptional. Talking about my scoliosis helped me to become a better public speaker. I try to make people aware of scoliosis and I even get excited when I visit my doctor because then I get to visit the City.


I knew that people have zero interest to listen to me whining about how painful wearing my brace is, how hard it is to bend, how my arms and legs get numb, so I converted my pain into tears and my unspoken feelings into written words.


To all the girls who think that they’ll go through this alone, who don’t feel supported, or have lots of questions, I want to be the resonating voice who brings hope and support, and spreads awareness with Curvy Girls in Morocco. I still have ups and downs, but Curvy Girls helps me to find my voice and fills my heart with hope.


Moroccan Curvy Girls, you finally have an emotional brace, and that’s me and Curvy Girls!