Meet Kyndall
Southwestern Missouri

Hello, my name is Kyndall. I have one sibling, my twin brother. My hobbies include competitive swimming, reading, and drawing. My competitive swim season lasts pretty much year-round.  In the summer, my swim team swims 7 days a week, and in the winter we swim 5-7 days a week depending on if there is a swim meet.  


I was diagnosed with scoliosis 7 months ago.  My pediatrician discovered the curves in my spine at a regular check-up and sent me to a specialist.  My spine has 2 curves, and it also twists.  I just recently got my brace.  At first, it was really hard to wear but it is definitely getting easier.


I want to be a group leader because I want to be able to help other girls who are experiencing the same things.  We all have the same types of emotions and questions.  I feel that taking part in a group like Curvy Girls will help me and other girls feel less alone and afraid by having each other to talk to.  It is hard to find friends going through this same diagnosis but a support group can help you find those friends.








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