Meet Rachel



I am 16 and a high school junior.  I had spinal fusion in 2012 for a 62 curve degree curve and wore a brace for almost a year prior to that.  My hobbies are running cross country, playing piano & guitar, tennis, and doing pageants.  I also love attending college football and baseball games and dancing.  I have three cats and a dog, and three chickens. Someday I want to be a veterinarian.


I wanted to be a Curvy Girls leader because when I was getting ready for my surgery I relied on the Curvy Girls blog to answer many of my questions.  It was so helpful to me that I want to share my experiences and hopefully help someone else feel less apprehensive about their surgery or brace.  When I first did pageants after my surgery I always covered my ten-inch scar with concealer but I finally realized that my scar and my curve are just part of who I am. The scar is my badge of courage and the small remaining curve that makes my hemlines hang a little crooked is just part of my individuality.  Instead of trying to hide them I have learned to embrace them and use them as an avenue to communicate with other girls who may feel self-conscious.


I hope my active lifestyle and positive attitude about my experience will help girls who are anxious about having surgery realize that they can do almost anything they want.  My surgery experience made me a stronger person and helped me realize that one of the hardest things I’ll ever do is already behind me.  I feel empowered to face whatever challenges the rest of my life brings.