Meet Ellie

Autumn 2015-18

Ann Arbor Michigan

Hello! My name is Ellie. I am 14 years old. Some of the things I like to do are painting, playing ukulele and piano. I participate in track, which consists of many events but my favorite is pole vaulting. I also play clarinet in my high school’s band. In school, I like to participate in leading opportunities, and help out in my community.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis in April of 2015, so I was in the 5th grade. I got a Boston brace and I had it for over two years.  I wore my brace like I was supposed to, though, my curve increased. In August of 2017 we had to start thinking about fusion surgery because my curve was increasing to 45 degrees. My mom and I decided it might be a good idea to look for other options before we decided on surgery. We ended up finding a doctor close by that made Rigo Cheneau braces. I also tried Schroth Therapy. Those two things helped my curve slow slightly for a few months. We also researched many options and my therapist told me about Vertebral Body Tethering surgery (VBT).


After a few appointments, many months of researching both surgeries and going to many doctors, my curve increased to 50 degrees. We then decided that VBT was the right surgery for me. On April 30th, 2018 I had VBT surgery. It ended up going very well and the results were good. My curve decreased more than 20 degrees. As of summer 2018, I am recovering well and almost finished with bracing. 


I am excited to become a Curvy Girls Leader, so I can help many girls feel more comfortable about their struggles having scoliosis.


Meet Elisabeth & Lidiana

Past Leadership

Sarah 2014-16

Jennifer 2017-18

Detroit Michigan

HI! My name is Elisabeth.  My scoliosis journey started with severe back pain.  I went to multiple doctors and told them about my pain.  I was always told that it was growing pains and to stop doing gymnastics or live with the pain.  I was not diagnosed until I took a trip to the ER and they took an x-ray of my neck and found the curvature.  The doctors at ER diagnosed me with scoliosis.  My curve was already near 50 degrees.  I went to multiple doctors. My first step was back brace but I was too late in the game so the back brace did nothing for me.  I found my current doctor that said I needed surgery as soon as possible.  Unsure of what to do, I even went out of state to see doctors about VBT (now called ASC) but my spine was twisted as well as curved too.  That is when I decided that fusion was the best option for me. 


I had fusion surgery in March 2017.  My curve was about 56 degrees.  I am a slow healer, so I was not able to finish my Freshman year at school.  I had to finish my Freshman year at home.  Fusion was the best choice for me.  I am almost completely straight and I even grew 3 inches.  Plus, the pain I had before surgery pain decreased significantly. 


All this happened so fast that I had no one to turn to talk about my scoliosis.  That is why I am excited to be a part of the Detroit Curvy Girls so I can help other girls just like me.  We are not alone. 

It was May 2019 and I was 13 years old when I found out I had scoliosis. My mother found a support group that she thought would help me get through this--Detroit Curvy Girls. I’m so glad we found this support group. It not only helped me but it also helped my mother as well. My Leader Elisabeth and her mother Tara were an inspiration!

I had spinal fusion surgery at U of M Children’s Mott Hospital in Ann Arbor. My surgery was a success! I’m 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I’m on the varsity swim team and I feel great.

I want to inspire others that have Scoliosis. I want to share my story and let others share their experiences as well. Creating an environment where we can come together and share emotions, laugh, snack and craft is what I’m all about. With the support of my mother, I feel I will be a great Leader for Detroit Curvy Girls.



Meet Kaiden

Mid Michigan

Hello, my name is Kaiden and I live in Mid Michigan. I enjoy animals, traveling, make-up and volleyball.


I found out last spring that I had scoliosis. I had an "S" curve. I had my surgery shortly after finding out. I had a few complications and ended up having to be in the hospital for 2 weeks. A friend brought me a kitten before I left the hospital. Being released was one of the happiest days of my life.


I look forward to being a Curvy Girls leader and meeting new girls that also have scoliosis. Being able to connect with peers in similar situations will be good as we can relate about many things. 

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