Sophie Klein, CG Long Island                                                                                                        11.3.19

Ideas for Curvy Girls Meetings

  1. Color your spine - Each girl gets to draw their spine on paper, or a piece of paper cut into a paper doll shape

  2. Animals with Scoliosis - We bring in photos of animals with scoliosis, and we can share facts about animals having scoliosis

  3. Select a chapter from a book with scoliosis like Straight Talk with Curvy Girls, Braced or Deenie, and have a book club about it where we all discuss what we relate to, what's different from our own experiences, etc.

  4. Celebrities with Scoliosis- we can talk about different celebrities with scoliosis, and maybe have someone come to our meeting or video call us during the meeting to talk about their experience. Here are some lists of celebrities with scoliosis: ,

  5. Clothes that go well with braces or are good for post-surgery - Each girl can bring in an item of clothing that has worked well for her with her scoliosis and can tell other people the brand, store, etc. so that other people can get clothes that have worked well for the other girls, since finding clothes can be difficult

  6. Scoliosis Mad-lib's - The leaders can write a short story about scoliosis and turn it into a blank mad-libs that everyone can do during the meeting

  7. New fact/quote about scoliosis every month - each meeting, we share a new fact or inspiring quote about scoliosis

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