Meet Hannah

Eastern Massachusetts 

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah, I am fourteen years old and I have scoliosis! I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 12. My Orthopedist said that I would need to where a brace for 18 hours a day for a couple of years. That was a long time! But after wearing my brace for a couple of months I realized that it was helping me. I also started doing the schroth method of physical therapy which has helped me greatly! I wore my brace for 18 hours a day consistently for two years, until I stopped growing. Now I am just wearing it to bed. Scoliosis has shown me that I can do hard things even when I think I can't! In my free time I enjoy playing cello and piano, as well as dancing. 


I am so happy that I found Curvy Girls! I have met so many kind people who are going through the same thing as me! I am so excited to be co-leading the Eastern Massachusetts chapter with Olivia! 

Leadership 2012-16

Senior Leader Olivia

Hi, my name is Olivia, I’m 16 years old, and like you, I have scoliosis. I am in 9th grade and was diagnosed when I was in 5th grade, and I have been wearing a brace since the beginning of 2011.
I first found out about my scoliosis in gym class during 5th grade when the students were annually tested. I then went to my pediatrician, followed by an orthopedist who I now regularly visit. When I first found out that I had scoliosis, I didn’t care because I didn’t really understand what it was, or what I would have to do to treat it. At first, my doctor was monitoring my curve, but then I had a growth spurt, which increased the degree of my curve. My doctor said that I needed a brace. At this point, I did care that I had scoliosis, and was terrified at the thought of wearing a brace 18 to 20 hours a day – every day! I was worried, and jealous of everyone else in the world that didn’t need a brace. Why me? Why did I have to wear it? I started wearing my brace in January of 2011, when I was in 7th grade.  After a few weeks of having my brace, I realized that it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Now, 20 months later, I’m not bothered by the fact that I have to wear a brace. I’ll admit that it does get annoying, but I have a much more positive attitude now. I have learned to love myself! I feel special for having my brace; it makes me, me! 
I found Curvy Girls when I was browsing through the Internet, looking for scoliosis websites, and I am so happy that I found it! I was so excited to join this group of powerful young girls, and begin getting/giving support from other girls who are going through the exact same thing I was.
Activities that I take part in are horseback riding, ice-skating, and playing piano. I have been doing these activities for a very long time, and I enjoy them all so much. I love horseback riding because I love being with the animals. Ice-skating has been a fun activity that I have been part of for many years, and I have been playing piano since I was 6 years old. 
I am so happy that I joined Curvy Girls and am excited to be the leader of the Massachusetts chapter!


Meet Kirsten

Western Massachusetts

Hi I am Kirsten! I enjoy singing, reading, and latch hooking. I see scoliosis as a blessing in disguise, because it led me to Curvy Girls, and I am glad to be able to help others with scoliosis.


I was diagnoised with scoliosis at the age of 9 in June, and was told to come back every 6 months because my case did not require treatment. 18 months later, in January 2016, my doctor told me that I would be referred to Shriners. My case had worsened. By February, I had a night brace. That night I remember dreaming I had put it on, and then waking up with it off. Curvy Girls helped me in every way. I am inspired every day by all the girls who help each other.


I am here today as a CG Leader because I want to meet other girls who are going through the same thing.             

Meet Grace
Cape Cod Massachusetts

My name is Grace and I’m a Curvy Girls Leader on Cape Cod in Massachusetts! I was diagnosed with mild idiopathic scoliosis when I was eleven years old. My scoliosis was monitored for four years before it was incorrectly re-diagnosed as moderate in February of 2019. I went to get an x-ray and my scoliosis was correctly diagnosed as severe. I had to go to Boston Children’s Hospital in March of 2019 to see what the right course of action for me. I got to work with one of the best scoliosis specialists in the country, Dr. Michael Glotzbecker. My doctor said that because I had so little time left to grow, a back brace wouldn’t be the best option for me and that I needed a spinal fusion. I had a really hard time hearing that; I just shut down and really tried to ignore my scoliosis. I had six vertebrae fused in my thoracic and lumbar spine on July 9th, 2019. It was one of the most difficult things that I ever had to go through but it actually really helped me learn to love my journey and my scoliosis. I’m back to my everyday life and my hobbies, competitive robotics and photography! 


I really wanted to start a Curvy Girls group in my area because I had my aunt who also had a spinal fusion to talk to throughout my scoliosis journey and I know that some girls don’t have that resource. I wanted a place for girls in my community to be able to talk about their journeys, make friends and gain confidence.

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