Meet Paige

Hi! My name is Paige! I dance, play tennis, downhill ski, and compete in pageants. I have two cats named Whiskers and Winchester.


The summer before my eighth grade year, I was diagnosed with scoliosis after my pediatrician first noticed my uneven shoulders. After series of x-rays and measurements, I received my back brace. For a year and a half, I spent 22 hours a day in my brace. My confidence dropped because none of my clothes fit and peers from my grade began to bully me over something that was out of my control. I didn't know any other kids who had scoliosis and I felt very alone.


When I was done wearing my brace, I decided to type in the word scoliosis on social media. The first thing that popped up was Curvy Girls and I immediately regretted not looking it up sooner. I read stories of other girls like me and soon found I was not alone on my scoliosis journey. When looking at the numerous leaders in various countries and states, I noticed that Maine did not have a chapter and knew I had to do something. My goal is to give girls in Maine the support that I needed when I was wearing my brace and to educate those who do not have scoliosis about what it is.