Meet Maeve
Past Leader

Past Leader Camille 

Shreveport Lousiana 

Hi! My name is Maeve and I am so excited to be the leader of Curvy Girls in Shreveport, Louisiana! I have had such a positive scoliosis journey, and I want to help other girls feel the best they can about themselves and know that there are others who understand what they are going through. I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis when I was in sixth grade. Since my curve was small, the doctor said to just keep an eye on it. The rest of the school year, though, I had severe back pain. Finally, my mom made an appointment for another X-ray and my curve had gotten to about 35 degrees. I was put into a back brace, which terrified me. Fortunately, we were in Germany at that time (because my dad is in the military) and the Germans make a very effective brace called the Cheneau. I wore that brace 23 hours a day for all of seventh grade.


We just moved to Shreveport a few months ago and I had an appointment at the local Shriners Hospital. My curve had gone down to 19 degrees! My doctor in Germany always said that my curve couldn’t get better and we could just keep it from getting worse. I didn’t believe that, so I was motivated to commit to my treatment as much as possible.


I love to travel, exercise, and do yoga. I’m also a competitive Irish dancer and I have continued dancing to stay strong and do what I love!