Meet Nour

As a teenager, growing up wearing a brace was not easy. I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted to. I had to stop horseback riding. At the beginning of my journey, sleeping at night comfortably was not a piece of cake. I always needed someone to talk to. But there was no one. Even if there was, they couldn't understand what it was like to wear a brace. And now here I am 4 years later, a Curvy Girls’ Leader.


My name is Nour, I am 17 years old from Lebanon. I am here to support every single girl who is dealing with scoliosis. I got your back and I understand what you're going through. You are bent and so am I. But none of us is broken. Indeed, we’ve all got a twisted spine but it doesn't make us broken in any single way. 


I am here to listen to you and to reassure you that no matter what, you are a girl, a Curvy Girl-- pretty inside out.