Leader Responsibilities


Check/respond to CG emails
Check/participate Leader Facebook group


Facilitate support group meetings
Check-in with Mentor
Attend Regional Mentor-led Video Calls


Attend Leadership Trainings

As a leader for Curvy Girls, there are certain requirements that must be met. Below you will find an outline of what the job of being a Chapter Leader entails.

CG Email

Every chapter Leader is responsible for running their group’s email account. The account is used for sending out information about upcoming meetings. In addition, many members contact the Leader through the email account if they have questions about something covered at the meeting or have questions or concerns about their daughter’s scoliosis. Also, many people within the community send emails to find out more about how to join Curvy Girls. As the Leader, it is your responsibility to check the CG email account regularly and to reply to emails from girls/parents/admin. Members nor parents are to respond.


Once you have a member(s), support meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis. Meetings should be held at a consistent time; for example, the last Saturday of the month from 2-3 pm. The date of the meeting is entirely up to you and is somewhat flexible around your schedule.


Leaders are in charge of running and facilitating each meeting. Leaders are encouraged to prepare an idea, topic, or activity for girls each month. At each meeting, leaders help guide the conversation, answer questions, and run group activities. Being a leader does not mean you have the answers to every question or problem. That being said, it is your duty to help direct them. Should you not have an answer or you are not sure, you can offer to connect the girl or parent with another family from one of the many other chapters around the world who will have an answer or some suggestions in response to their question.

Senior Mentors

Leaders are required to copy their assigned Mentor on all correspondence, as well as attend scheduled video chats.

Leadership Training

Leaders are required to attend trainings when offered in their region and biennially (every 2 years) in New York. 

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