Meet Kara

My name is Kara. I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis the summer before my sixth grade year.  A year later, I was put in a back brace and wore it for the next 18 months. Then my curve progressed and I required spinal fusion surgery.  It was a challenging surgery to go through, but I recovered well and was able to run Track with my middle school Track and Field Team within a few months of surgery.  Curvy Girls was a great resource for me while in a brace and through surgery.  I was able to connect with other girls experiencing the same thing and hear my Curvy Girls' leader's story.  


I enjoy reading and listening to music. Science is my favorite subject in school and I hope to pursue a career in the science field.  I love to hike and I will be hiking the Grand Canyon this summer. I enjoy running both Track and Cross Country.


Past Leaders

Madi 2012-15

Emily 2015-19


Meet Serenity


My name is Serenity. I live with my mom and dad, three sisters, 2 cats, and  a dog. In my free time I like to play the Double Bass, and hang out with friends. I also participate in track, soccer, and dance. 


Throughout my journey with scoliosis there have been lots of  transitions and traveling. It all started at my fourth-grade checkup. My sisters were getting their backs checked and I wanted mine checked too, so the doctor did and said, “I think she has scoliosis.” From then on I went to get x-rays every 6 months for about 2 years. At the beginning of my journey, my curves were 21 on top and 18 on bottom. Because my curves were not very severe, my doctor decided that we would wait and watch. We waited about two years; the whole time my doctor insisting on not bracing. After the two years were up, it was decided: it was time for a brace. Towards the end of the first year, even though we thought there was not really any change, my doctor decided to send me to New York to see a scoliosis surgeon for a second opinion on a brace. In New York we got 3D x-rays and saw that my curves had increased to 34 on top and 28 on bottom. While in New York, I met a physical therapist that does a special type of therapy called the Schroth Method. I also learned about the method and she helped me find a therapist closer to home. 


When we got back home and went to our doctor, he did not follow any of the recommendations the doctor in New York had given us; for instance he would not write a prescription for a Rigo Cheneau brace (the type of brace that has the best results when paired with Schroth therapy). Because he would not follow any of the recommendations, we decided to look for a new doctor, as well as for a Schroth therapist. We eventually found a therapist and a new doctor. Even though they are each a two-hour drive from home in opposite directions, we are a lot happier. And although we did not end up with a Rigo Cheneau brace (I have a Boston brace), so far we are seeing stability in my curves.

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