Meet Kara

My name is Kara. I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis the summer before my sixth grade year.  A year later, I was put in a back brace and wore it for the next 18 months. Then my curve progressed and I required spinal fusion surgery.  It was a challenging surgery to go through, but I recovered well and was able to run Track with my middle school Track and Field Team within a few months of surgery.  Curvy Girls was a great resource for me while in a brace and through surgery.  I was able to connect with other girls experiencing the same thing and hear my Curvy Girls' leader's story.  


I enjoy reading and listening to music. Science is my favorite subject in school and I hope to pursue a career in the science field.  I love to hike and I will be hiking the Grand Canyon this summer. I enjoy running both Track and Cross Country.


Madi 2012-15

Emily 2015-19


Serenity 207-21