Meet Lizzy
Chicagoland Illinois 



Hello!  My name is Lizzy.  I’m 10 years old and I have been with Curvy Girls since the fall of 2018.  When I was diagnosed with scoliosis, I was so upset!  I was braced (with a Boston brace) after the school year started.   I was scared that people would think weirdly of me. 


My mom was searching frantically for something that would make me feel better and she came across Curvy Girls.  I would love to help you feel better about what we are all going through!


I play the trumpet, ukulele, and the piano.  I like to play volleyball, basketball, track and field, and cross country.  Here are some words of advice that I learned from having scoliosis.  Everyone is always supporting you, even in the toughest of times!

Vanessa Andrea



Meet Alida & Anya
Leader Danielle 2014-19


Julia 2010-19

Central Illinois 

My name is Alida and I am 13 years old. I enjoy doing volleyball, gymnastics, and hanging out with my friends. When I was 6 years old, the doctors found I had Chiari Malformation and I had to have brain surgery. The Chiari is what caused my scoliosis. When I was diagnosed, I had a 45 degree “C” curve to the left. My first brace was a Boston brace. After the first year, my parents decided to get me a WCR brace, and I learned I had to wear it 20-22 hours a day. Still today, I wear that same style of brace and my curve has been reduced to approximately 25 degrees. In August 2019, I will be getting my sixth brace.


I have attended Curvy Girls groups for five years, both in Northern Illinois and Central Illinois. Curvy Girls has encouraged me by knowing many other girls who understand what I’m going through. I love being a leader to help other girls through their scoliosis journey even if it is different from mine. I have wanted to be a leader for quite a while now because I would love to encourage as many girls as possible. Feel free to email me!

My name is Anya and I am currently in 9th grade. I was diagnosed in 2017 when I was 12 years old. I saw many doctors before I was put into a Boston Brace, which I wore for 18+ hours every day. This was very hard for me to adjust to and I was very quiet about it. Then at the end of 2017, at my 6 month appointment, I got the devastating news that my biggest curve had gone from 35 to 46 in a short amount of time, and I would likely need surgery. The next few months was probably one of the hardest times for me. I was drowning in worry and anxiety, and the fact that I felt as though I had to hide it from everyone certainly didn’t help. I was a 13 year old girl seeing tons of doctors, deciding between surgery dates and procedures and making decisions that no one should be thinking about in middle school. I had a spinal fusion surgery from about T1 to T12 on May 30, 2018. Recovery was tough but I eventually got through it. Now I am doing much better and I have learned to embrace my scoliosis and I love to tell people about it.


Besides spending time on the CG Forum, I like to read books and listen to podcasts. Some of my favorites are The Moth and Reply all. My favorite subject is math. A fun fact about me is that I lived in Colorado until I was about 5 years old and moved to Illinois.


I want to lead a group because I want to help other girls like I have been helped. I joined the curvy girls forum in 2017 and have been active ever since. CG saved my life during these years and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it. I have found a place to share my true self, be supported in my hardest days, and help others through the storm that is scoliosis. I don’t want anyone to feel alone with this, and I would love to help other girls through the same thing, and hopefully make their lives a little bit easier. I also know that it’s not just a one way thing, that we can all help each other, and it can benefit me too. Curvy Girls is an amazing family of girls that only want to help, and I would be honored to help even more by being a leader.    

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