Meet Ruby
Hong Kong







I’m Ruby from Hong Kong. Since I was diagnosed with scoliosis, I’ve tried many methods that claim to cure my curve but none of them have worked for me. Unfortunately, my curve kept on progressing until it reached 80 degrees. Finally, I thought of having a surgery. In 2017, I had spinal fusion and everything went well.


In the past years, I was so lonely and helpless to fight with scoliosis alone as I don’t have any friend who also gets scoliosis. People who diagnosed with scoliosis are quite shy, feel ashamed to share it, so it's normal that there is not any scoliosis support group in Hong Kong. I even got teased by my classmate in school due to their insufficient knowledge and awareness about scoliosis.


During my time of struggling with scoliosis, I joined CG and found that CG is so supportive so I want to develop a CG scoliosis group in HK to allow me to support other teenagers who also have scoliosis, as well as raise scoliosis awareness in HongKong.





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