Meet Gabrielle

Savannah & Atlanta Georgia 

I am going to be a junior in high school. I have a twin- brother, and parents that I love dearly. In my free time I love playing my violin, participating in orchestra, playing golf, and volunteering at the local hospital. My life has significantly been impacted by scoliosis. I could practically write a book on it, but this is the long story- short version. After they suspected I had scoliosis from a school screening in the 8th grade, a follow-up X-Ray showed a 25-degree curve. Considering I was almost done growing they felt no need to brace. A 6-month later follow up showed a 30-degree curve. However, they still felt bracing was not necessary. I was now not only in pain but also frustrated. We tried a spin-core brace but to no avail, and now we are optimistically trying Schroth exercises and are going for a second opinion at Shriners in North Carolina. Most recent X-rays revealed a nearly 45-degree curve.


While it has been a long hard journey that continues, I have learned so much from my scoliosis. I love telling people all about it when they see my rib 'hump', and spreading awareness.  It's a long hard journey as I said, but I don't want other girls to have to go through it alone like I had to. I felt so alone, like there was nobody else in Savannah with scoliosis. In leading a group, I want to bring girls together to know they are not alone and ultimately give them the support I only got from my parents. My parents have been so loving and supportive! However, they didn't have to wear a brace to school and feel so uncomfortable, feeling like everyone is staring at your back. This is why I am a Curvy Girls Leader. 

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Atlanta 2013-15

Meet Brooke

Augusta Georgia

My name is Brooke and I am 12 years old.  I enjoy playing tennis, soccer, swimming and twirling the baton.  I also like playing the piano and hanging out with my friends.


I recently found out from a school screening that I have scoliosis.  The entire grade went to have their backs checked by the nurse and when it was my turn, I noticed she took a bit longer.  A doctor came back to the school a few months later and he checked me again.  He said I had scoliosis, and the school sent a letter to my parents.  We went straight to my pediatrician who ordered x-rays.  The x-ray room at the hospital was really creepy; it was all glowing white and felt like I was in an alien spaceship.  A few months later, we went to another hospital with an EOS x-ray machine.  I liked it A LOT more.  I was then fitted for a nighttime Providence Brace.  At first I was scared to have scoliosis, but now I am getting used to it.  My mom says, ”everyone has something” and I guess scoliosis is my “something.”  I want to meet other girls in my area with scoliosis.  I think it will be nice to have friends like me.


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