Meet Summer

Southeast Florida


Hi! My name is Summer! I had an “S” curve, 44 degrees on the top and 51 degrees on the bottom. In 6th grade during a school scoliosis screening the nurses found a curve in my back. A few months later, I was officially diagnosed with scoliosis. Soon I was fitted for a brace that I was to wear 16-18 hours a day, but I wore mine for about 24 as a precaution for 3 years. On one of my 3-month visits to my scoliosis specialist he said that we should start to discuss surgery, this was a huge surprise for me because I thought that he would’ve talked to me about getting my brace off. I was so scared and anxious for the next few months until my surgery on December 5, 2019. I had never had surgery before and was so nervous. Eventually the date came, and I was surprised by how I felt when I woke up. I was so relieved to be done with surgery! Today I am feeling AMAZING, I love to cheer, travel, and share my story with others!


I love to share my story with others and help others through their scoliosis journeys! To me being a group leader means being there for other girls who are/were in my situation and I’m excited to get to know everyone!


Meet Mimi

Dakotah  2013-17

Tampa- Anika


North Central Florida

Hi everyone! My name is Mimi. I'm 11 years old and live in North Central Florida. I was first diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 6 years old at my yearly checkup. At the time there was no doctor that could help me in my area. I had to drive an hour and a half to Jacksonville to be treated. We tried bracing but it didn't help my curve get any better. So my doctor ended up casting me two times. I wore the cast for 6 weeks straight and then had one day off and had the next one put on. Being casted meant I could not be in water, no bathing or swimming. My curve did not get any worse but it wasn't getting any better. My doctor wanted me to have grow rods put in. Unfortunately, that meant I would have to go through surgery every six months to get them adjusted.


We decided to try a new doctor in Miami that specialized in only scoliosis. He told us about a new surgery that would hopefully be available in the next year or so. They would be magic rods and would be adjusted every 2 months by a magnet held to the outside of my back. We decided to keep casting until this became approved. While we were waiting to be given the next cast schedule the doctor in Miami called and said it was approved. It had only been 2 weeks! So on May 6, 2014, I had surgery to put these new rods in. For the next year I traveled 4 hours to get adjusted every other month. 


After the first year a new doctor came to our area. I am able to get adjusted 20 minutes away now. Two years after I had my rods put in I had to have them replaced due to a loose screw. But I recovered really quick.


In my free time I act in plays, read, am a Girl Scout and love to play outside with my friends.


I LOVE to help people and Curvy Girls is the perfect organization for me to help girls and for them to help me know we are not alone. Please feel free to email me.


Meet Emma
Emma JAX.jpg
Jacksonville Florida

Hi! I’m Emma and I am 13 years old. I love to play golf and soccer. I also love spending time with friends and family. My favorite thing to do with my family is go to Universal; it’s a lot of fun there.


I have an S-curve. When I was first diagnosed with scoliosis, I was in 6th grade. It was only a small curve at first, but when I went back to the doctor in November of 2019 it was a 29-degree curve. They decided to put me in a brace that I would have to wear at least 23 hours a day. I got the brace in December of 2019 and have to wear it for at least 2 years. Since then I’ve tried to keep a positive attitude about it and just roll with the flow. I am hoping when I go back that my curve will be better or have stayed the same.

I also do this physical therapy called the Schroth Method which seems to be helping a lot. It mainly focuses on your breathing and I like it a lot. It’s very relaxing and you can see the difference at the end of a session.

I would love to help and support you through your journey with scoliosis so please, feel free to email me.

Meet Brooke
Southwest Florida

My hobbies include drawing, playing online, and thinking up story ideas. Drawing allows me to express myself creatively, whether it be of joy, sadness, or anger. Playing online allows me to interact with the world more easily, and has led me to meet wonderful people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and allows me to share story ideas, which also allows me to express myself creatively like with drawing.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 6th grade and was fitted for a Boston back brace in 7th grade. I found out about Curvy Girls while my father was looking through Facebook, which eventually led me here.


My dream job is to either be a genealogist or doctor, and both include helping others, whether it be through uniting and reuniting families or saving lives. Being a leader of my chapter in Curvy Girls will allow me to help support girls who need it most, as well as help worried parents and siblings of those girls.

Hannah 2019-20

Meet Cali


Pensacola Florida

My name is Cali. I am 11 years old and in 6th grade. I live in Navarre, Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. I enjoy reading and math in school. I love art, drawing, and painting. I like training my two dogs to do new tricks. They are so silly and have now mastered catching treats in their mouths. I live very close to the beach and I enjoy going out with my family (Mom, dad, and little brother). I recently found out that I have scoliosis. Right now my curve is 26 degrees and I will be getting my brace very soon. My brace will be zebra print, which is perfect since I love animals and going to the zoo.


It will be fun to get to know other girls going through the same journey as me. We won’t have all the answers, but we will have friends and others to guide each other.